About us

Limpopo Wedding Planner design and deliver impeccably planned weddings in the Limpopo Province, South Africa. Whether your wedding location is at home in a rural village or a 5 star venue, we create a timeless wedding with your unique style and taste integrated into each meaningful detail.

Working in partnership with you, we share our advice and past experiences so your wedding planning experience is inspired and stress free. The journey towards your beautiful wedding day should be exciting and exhilarating without facing each decision alone.

This day that you will cherish forever starts with you, your personality and your vision. We create this beautiful celebration which you will treasure forever. Limpopo Wedding Planner will walk this memorable journey with you so you can experience your dreams come true in each detail, from the venue to the dress and cake.  

We will tailor your elegant wedding.

Your Wedding

Hi, I am Esther

I am a Planner. 





Not to be soppy, but that moment when the bride walks down the aisle, my eyes always fill with tears and my heart with pride and joy when all the hard work comes together for this special moment. 

This is what I live for.


I listen to your frustration and concern, and enjoy each happy moment with you.  

A few words from my clients