Wedding Planning FAQ's

Why do I need a wedding planner?

Planning a wedding is a stressful and time-consuming experience. Juggling between work and personal life is challenging already, and meeting your family expectations and incorporating your dream wedding ideas all into one can be daunting. A wedding planner gives advice and uses their experience to make your dream a reality.

What is included in your service?

Our wedding planning service includes planning from the moment you hire us, recommending the best suppliers, wedding day time schedules and wedding day co-ordination to ensure your special celebration goes smoothly and just as you imagined it will be.

My venue already has a wedding co-ordinator, why do I need you?

Most recommended venues have an event coordinator who deal with the venue's setup, food, etc. They represent and work for the venue. As wedding planners, we work for you and have your interests at heart. We oversee all the suppliers, work with the venue co-ordinator, manage any challenges and make sure you as a couple have your dream wedding.

We stay overseas, but our wedding is in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Can you still assist us?

Yes. We have worked with couples from New Zealand, USA and the UK. All meetings are done over Skype or video call and any other communication is handled over email and messaging apps.

We are worried a wedding planner will take over?

We work together with you and not above you. You have final say in every decision and guide us on how much or little input and management you would like.

How long have you been planning weddings?

We have been in the events industry since 2000 and in the wedding planning industry 2014.

When should we start the wedding planning process?

We advise starting 6 – 12 months before the wedding date. This gives us ample time to source the best suppliers and book your venue of choice. However every wedding is different, we have planned weddings in two months and in 18 months in advance. We believe once you have decided on a date and have the funds, the wedding planning process can begin.