Limpopo Wedding Planner’s Top 10 Traditional Wedding Trends 2021

As the Limpopo Wedding Planner for the past 7 years I have been witness to

countless weddings as both the coordinator and a guest. Over the years the

trends have shifted and changed however these traditional trends have

remained timeless.

Understand your budget

Soon to be wedded couples are more mindful to their budgets and have a clear

idea of what is a wasteful expense for their special day. Pinterest has given rise

to subtle changes in the general look and feel of the day that are cost effective

and create statement pieces without the damage to your pocket normally

experienced when using high end and extravagant suppliers.

Wedding dresses with a pop of colour

colour added

Traditional wedding dresses are no longer a pure white gown to achieve the gasp

from the room. Adding a pop of colour to your wedding dress or colour in the

lace trail is elegantly dramatic.

Mesmerizing and mystical décor

Keep it natural with a dash of whimsy. 

Floral roof installations make for a stunning

statement piece and create a beautiful flow throughout your venue

from ceiling to floor; embracing your guests in soft colour and subtle scents.

Cinderella’s Crystal Slipper is no longer the talk of the town

The shimmery stiletto shoe has been replaced with comfort and style. Brides are

now wearing sneakers that highlight their own sense of style and allow for a full

night of celebration without the agony.


Wedding cake or Wedding favours?  We want both!

“Let them eat cake”. 

Often the cake is the showstopper piece of your wedding

which becomes wasteful left overs. Rather cut the cake and place them into

branded boxes as parting gifts and wedding favours for your guests to take

home. This ensures the cake is eaten and enjoyed without the added expense of

thank you gifts to your guests for joining you on your special day.

Mmm… Cake

Naked and Geode cakes are gorgeous and delicious. The iconic moment of

cutting the cake will undoubtedly inspire an “aaahhh” moment.

Bouquets with a difference

Infinity Circle Bouquets

Having a standard floral bouquet is not a priority. Enjoy being creative with

unique bridesmaids bouquets which also allow for a hands free and versatile


Life is but a dance

Walk in and dance out. Preparation is key to avoiding any anxiety, dry mouth or

trip ups. Dance lessons with a professional teacher and learning a choreographed

piece to your chosen song will surprise and wow your guests. Starting with an

elegant waltz, including a sprinkle of personality and edge with hip hop or house

will have your guests raving and enjoying in the fun. Set the tone while opening

the dance floor.

Timeless and Traditional

Limpopo wedding couples marry cultural traditions seamlessly with a classic

white wedding. Traditional colours are threaded into the décor, subtle hints

included in the white wedding dress design or full traditional attire is worn at the

reception. Emphasis on tradition is visible throughout the wedding day.

Forget the A,B, C’s and remember the C, D, E’s

Your guests will always comment on the catering, décor and entertainment.

Make sure your guests enjoy a full and hearty meal, bask in the ambience of your

magical day and let loose on the dance floor to music that inspires nostalgia, fun

and laughter. Your guests will be talking about the best wedding they have ever

attended for years to come. #WeddingGoals

As the Limpopo Wedding Planner; with my experience and pure passion to

ensure my couples achieve the perfect wedding day, I listen intently to your

vision and desires while being on top of any latest traditional wedding trends you

may want to include.

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