Your Best Friend, Your Limpopo Wedding Planner

Being a photographer, you are privy to everything behind the scenes as well as in front of

the lens and magnifying glass of the most memorable moments and significant experiences

in others’ lives.

With six years of experience planning weddings; regardless of size from 50 to 500 guests,

regardless of the duration from one to five-day ceremonies; I still get emotional the

moment the bride walks to the top of the aisle. In that moment; the gasp of the room and

crystal-clear silence as we all witness and rise in awe of her arrival and start of a forever

union is a consistent reminder of why I am; the Limpopo Wedding Planner.


Limpopo is a truly beautiful, lush and luxurious place. Wedding venues are rich with culture

and warmth of Africa. Whether your ideal wedding is set in a natural lit green forest with

cool breezes or the international appeal of a vibrant African sunrise in the safari with earthy

tones and the smells of thatch; you are warmly welcomed by the local community to

celebrate your special day.

Limpopo is a constant break away from the hustle and bustle of city living; returning to

roots with a sprinkle of blueberries and hearty laughs with a craft beverage.

Mmmm; deep inhale, slow exhale.


As the bride takes her first steps down the aisle; this is the moment, I breathe for the first

time with confident acknowledgment that all is right and everything has fallen into perfect

place. I am so happy for the soon to be newlyweds, my new best friends.

Through the process of planning the perfect wedding; I have become so close with this

couple, their I do’s and I wont’s, their wish list and their bucket list; that I become so

invested in making sure their vision is achieved and as their best friend; will do everything

possible to ensure exactly that.

The untold secret; is that we all have a vision and idea of the perfect wedding day and

although I am confident in my skills and talent as a wedding planner, the ideal wedding day

is when you can enjoy all the imperfections.

I personally am yet to attend the perfect wedding. What every bride and groom are

unaware of is that as your wedding planner, I ensure that every mistake, delay or instability

is managed and mitigated, with grace and unnoticed.

This is the day where you are to be consumed by the love you have for one another,

surround yourself with those that are important to you and immerse yourself in the joyous



As your wedding planner and best friend, I shield you from anything that may trigger a

negative note.

I am the best friend who makes sure you don’t have toilet paper stuck to your shoe, who

redirects your “party man” uncle from the bar, who invites the not so punctual family

members to take a seat twenty minutes earlier than the first speech, who distracts children

from sticking their cute little fingers in your wedding cake, who expedites meals from the

kitchen at the exact moment the grandparents are already asking about grandchildren, who

ensures the entertainment performs in accordance to your playlist and not their mood; all

the while wearing an effortless smile and softly nudging both bride and groom through the

run order of the day.

As the special occasion winds down, bride is reduced to flat shoes and a dance floor glow,

groom is relaxed with a proud glint in the eye, we are all reminded how time flies when

we’re having fun.

2020 shared some valuable insights that we must carry with us in 2021; spending quality

time with family and friends that add value and joy to your life is vital. We have learnt that

it’s important to keep your loved ones safe and each encounter is an opportunity to build

memories. My advice to you and any future bride and groom to be: is focus on what you

really want, what is honestly and truly important. Enjoy the planning stage of your wedding

day and share all the specifics with your new best friend: your Limpopo Wedding Planner.

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